Church Street is a major north-south street in Yarra, running from Abbotsford in the north to Cremorne in the south, after which it changes to Chapel Street and continues south to St Kilda.

Image credit: Apple Maps, Streets Alive Yarra

Church Street Park

In 2014 council reallocated street pace to green open space, enlarging the Church Street Park, located just to the north of the freeway, near the Yarra River.

Church Street Park before and after. Image credits: Nearmap.

Church Street Park. Image credit: City of Yarra.


27-year old Gitta Scheenhouwer was killed in broad daylight on Chapel Street, just south of the City of Yarra, while cycling in the painted bicycle lane. The problem is that cyclists are forced to ride in an unprotected lane, vulnerable to either a swerving car or an opening car door. These hazards carry the risk of serious injury or death, if a motorist makes the simple mistake of failing to look.

Source: Luis Ascui, The Age

Need for change

As Bicycle Network’s CEO Craig Richards states, Chapel Street really needs to see a change, with Mayor of Stonnington Steven Stefanopoulos backing the idea:

Source: The Age


Church Street and Chapel Street should have wider footpaths, separated bicycle lanes and level-access tram stops that protect passengers from overtaking vehicles. This would bring the street alive, by attracting more people to visit, shop and linger. In addition, the separated bicycle lane would carry more commuters in peak hour than the clearway lane.

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Church Street is even wide enough to support a pedestrian refuge in the centre, helping people to cross safely. The key is to reallocate street space away from stationary parked vehicles and toward transport modes that are more space efficient, including walking and cycling.


Chapel Street (and similarly, Church Street) doesn’t suffer from a lack of parking, as shown by the website and posters:

Photo credit: Streets Alive Yarra

Support from the RACV andInfrastructure Australia

The RACV have nominated Church Street as a bicycle superhighway, requiring a protected bicycle lane capable of carrying a large number of people and a wide range of people, not just the brave. Infrastructure Australia have included RACV’s proposal for bicycle superhighways, in their 2020 Infrastructure Priority List.

Image credit: RACV

Realisation Project

The Stonnington Bicycle User Group have published a proposal describing how to realise a safer and better Chapel Street, including:

  • removing on-street parking
  • improving cycling infrastructure
  • reducing the speed limit to 30 km/h
  • closing Chapel Street to through traffic
  • elevating footpaths when they cross side streets
  • automating pedestrian crossing lights
Image credit: Stonnington BUG


With these changes, Church Street and Chapel Street could act as a major north-south bicycle superhighway linking Abbotsford to St Kilda, complementing the north-south vehicle route on Punt Road. World class cities such as London are benefiting from their cycle superhighways – Yarra can do this too.

Local champion

Your local champion for Church Street is Stonnington Bicycle User Group. View all of Streets Alive Yarra’s champions on our supporters page.

Stonnington BUG is a champion for safe, separated cycle lanes along Chapel Street and Church Street. We believe that safe and accessible infrastructure for active transport users leads to thriving precincts. 

Stonnington BUG