Most Australians

Most Australians would like to see more investment in active transport infrastructure:

Image credit: Infrastructure Australia 2019 Audit Report, referencing: JWS Research 2018, Community perceptions of Australia’s infrastructure.

Young Australians

Many young Australians are choosing not to get a drivers license:

Source: WeRide submission to Infrastructure Australia, referencing ITS Australia, Mobility as a Service in Australia – Customer insights and opportunities, Port Melbourne Australia, 2018.

Yarra residents

Council consultation shows that Yarra residents and ratepayers support safe, active and sustainable transport:

Source: Council Plan community consultation

The Liveable Yarra project identified that residents value the ability to walk or cycle to meet daily needs:

Source: Liveable Yarra project

Community engagement for the 0-25 Years Plan showed broad support for walking and cycling:

Source: Yarra 0-25 Years Plan

Council Plan

The Council Plan states that Yarra has more people who walk or cycle, or who don’t own cars, compared to other municipalities:

Image credit: Council Plan 2017-21

School students

Yarra school students support safe and active transport, as this is the key to their personal mobility.

Source: Council minutes
Students delivering a petition to Council calling for safe routes to school. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra.

Facebook likes

Streets Alive Yarra has over 2,000 likes on Facebook:

This compares with 10,000 likes for Yarra City Council. Assuming that Facebook is representative of residents and ratepayers, this suggests that more than 20% of people clearly support safe & active transport, which is a high value for a single issue.