Streets Alive Yarra has broad community support

Most Australians

Most Australians would like to see more investment in active transport infrastructure:

Image credit: Infrastructure Australia 2019 Audit Report, referencing: JWS Research 2018, Community perceptions of Australia’s infrastructure.

Most Victorians

Most Victorians would like to see more bike lanes installed, including, if necessary, removing car parking to free up space:

Image credit: Bicycle Network webinar

…three in four (76%) Victorians want local and state governments to adapt infrastructure so more people can walk or ride.

VicHealth survey 2020

Most parents

Most parents support safe routes to school, including infrastructure for walking and cycling:

Video credit: Parents’ Voice

Most Melburnians

Most Melburnians support for 20-minute neighbourhoods, better footpaths, bicycle lanes, trees and place making:

We were heavily involved in the consultation program for Melbourne’s long-term land-use plan, Plan Melbourne. The idea that resonated most with many participants was shaping the city as a series of 20-minute neighbourhoods.

John Stanley and Roz Hansen, from The Conversation

Most Yarra residents

Most Yarra residents and ratepayers support safe, active and sustainable transport, and council has a long history of supporting walking and biking:

Source: Council Plan community consultation
Source: Liveable Yarra project
Source: Yarra 0-25 Years Plan
Source: Yarra 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey
Source: Yarra 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Yarra school students

Yarra school students support safe and active transport, as this is the key to their personal mobility.

Source: Council minutes
Students delivering a petition to Council calling for safe routes to school. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra.

More people using active transport

More people in Melbourne (and Yarra) are using sustainable transport:


More people using public transport

Across greater Melbourne, more people are choosing public transport, especially if they live close to it:


The number of people using public transport is especially on the rise in the inner city, including Yarra:


More people cycling

In Yarra, the number of people who choose to cycle is increasing:

Source: VicRoads report “Cycling to work in Melbourne 1976-2011” available at

More households without a car

The Council Plan states that Yarra has more households who don’t own cars, compared to other municipalities:

Image credit: Council Plan 2017-21

Fewer cars per person

Census data analysed by shows that the City of Yarra has a higher population density and fewer vehicles per person than other comparable municipalities.

Image credit:

Fewer people with a driver’s license

Many young Australians are choosing not to get a drivers license:

Source: WeRide submission to Infrastructure Australia, referencing ITS Australia, Mobility as a Service in Australia – Customer insights and opportunities, Port Melbourne Australia, 2018.

How you can help

You can help by appearing on the Streets Alive Yarra website as a champion for your local street, neighbourhood, or school.

Let’s build a beautiful, liveable and accessible city