The Darebin Creek Trail follows the Darebin Creek until it joins the Main Yarra Trail at the Yarra River, crossing through Alphington in the north-east of the City of Yarra.

Darebin Creek Trail. Image credit: Emma Cross via Foreground.
Darebin Creek Trail map. Image credit: Google Maps.

Access from Alphington

For people living in the City of Yarra, i.e. in Alphington, the main problem is that there is no easy access to the trail. The existing formal access points are a significant distance to the north or south. From within Alphington, there are two main options to provide access:

Old Heidelberg Road is the upper option, Farm Road is the lower option. Image credit: Apple Maps, Streets Alive Yarra.

The state government has committed to building a connection at Farm Road for a cost of $9.1 million, called the Alphington Link.

Our view

Streets Alive Yarra supports the state government proposal to build a connection at Farm Road, and we look forward to the project’s completion. We also support a connection at Old Heidelberg Road. With our continually increasing population density, access to valuable public land, such as the nature along Darebin Creek, and the Darebin Creek Trail, will become more important. Two connections are justified because it would offer more possible routes, thereby encouraging more people to walk or bike more often, which aligns with the policies of local and state government to encourage physical activity in 20-minute neighbourhoods.

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