Griffiths Streets is a north-south access street next to Richmond High School, in between Bridge Road and Highett Street.

Location of Griffiths Street. Image credit: Apple Maps, highlight from Streets Alive Yarra.

Griffiths Street is 20 metres wide, from property boundary to property boundary:

Griffiths Street is 20 metres wide. Image credit: Nearmap.

Street design

Griffiths Street is next to Richmond High School, and should be a calmed ‘school street’. Parking can be retained on one side, e.g. the east side, alongside the apartments. The two lanes (total of 6.5 metres wide) can be narrowed to a single mixed lanes (total of 5 metres wide), and the remaining space on the west can be used to expand safe public open space for students, e.g. grass, trees, and bike parking. The school could even move its fence 4 metres to the east.

Street trees

In June 2023 council admirably planted 14 new trees along Griffiths Street, in between car parking bays:

New trees on Griffiths Street (2023) in between car parking bays. Image credits: Streets Alive Yarra.

Unfortunately, council also planted new trees on the footpath, which narrows it. It would have been better to also locate these on the road, in between car parking bays.

Trees are welcome, but should have been located on the road, in between parking bays. Image credit: Cr Landes on Facebook.

How you can help

You can help by appearing as a champion for your street or neighbourhood.

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