Be a champion for your street or neighbourhood

Campaigning for a more beautiful, liveable, and accessible city means that we’re engaged in a contest of ideas. Progress depends on the support of residents & ratepayers. Everyone can make a difference. Here is a range of actions to consider.

  1. Like us on Facebook. This helps the Facebook algorithm to know that we are popular, which help get our posts included in people’s news feeds. It also shows Councillors, Officers and other residents that we have broad community support.
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter. This helps you to keep up to date with our news and campaigns, especially if you don’t have an account on Facebook.
  3. Share our website with your friends. Many residents & ratepayers would like some part of the city to be improved, but don’t know how to make it happen. Share our website with them, so that they can join us to build a more beautiful, liveable and accessible city.
  4. Appear as a champion for your street, school, neighbourhood, or for any existing page on our website. We can publish your suggestions and ideas for your street; and your photo, name and words of support will appear at the base of that page. As Councillors, Officers and other residents browse the website, they can see that support comes from a wide variety of people.
  5. Join with your neighbours to ask Council for improvements to your street or neighbourhood. We can offer mentoring, coaching and guidance, as well as a page on our website.
  6. Make a submission to each annual budget, or to relevant Council consultations. Improving infrastructure costs money. We are asking for Council to spend $10 million each year on footpaths, bike lanes, and place making, via the Transport Strategy and the Open Space Strategy, which is 10x higher than what Council is spending now. Every supporting submission helps make this happen.
  7. Join our core team, and help us to support locals who are are asking for improvements to their street or neighbourhood.

If you like our work you can also support us with a donation via the Buy me a coffee payment system:

Let’s build a beautiful, liveable and accessible city