Chapel Street Realisation Project

Chapel Street in the City of Stonnington is the continuation of Church Street in the City of Yarra. The Stonnington Bicycle User Group has published a report “The Chapel Street Realisation Project“:

Image credit: Stonnington BUG

The report begins by stating the problem and then summarising local and state government policy support for changing the street to improve safety for cycling.

People have died and been seriously injured riding bikes along Chapel Street and this will likely continue unless we work together to address the issue.

City of Stonnington Cycling Strategy 2020-2025

The proposal includes:

  • removing on-street parking
  • improving cycling infrastructure
  • reducing the speed limit to 30 km/h
  • closing Chapel Street to through traffic
  • elevating footpaths when they cross side streets
  • automating pedestrian crossing lights

Notably, the report highlights how the changes would also be better for business.

Our view

Streets Alive Yarra supports the proposal, because:

  • it aligns with Safe System, the core of Australia’s and Victoria’s road safety strategies;
  • it aligns with state government policies for 20-minute neighbourhoods, and Movement & Place frameworks;
  • Chapel Street is a nominated Strategic Cycling Corridor; and
  • local residents will benefit from a revitalised street.

We’d love to see Chapel Street transformed into an inviting shopping street that acts as a best practice guide for other municipalities.

Published 29th November 2020