Cremorne parking reform

In December 2020 the Victorian Planning Authority published the Cremorne Place Implementation Plan:

Image credit: Victorian Government

One of its recommendations is to reform how parking is managed in Cremorne:

Image credit: Cremorne Place Implementation Plan

In response Streets Alive Yarra has prepared a proposal, including:

  • Changing permits from ‘sticker’ or ‘paper’ to ‘digital’
  • Changing the whole of Cremorne to ‘permit only’
  • Selling digital visitor permits for a range of durations at a range of price levels
  • Reinvesting any additional revenue in public infrastructure improvements in Cremorne
Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra

The proposal can also be downloaded from:

Streets Alive Yarra would be delighted to meet with the VPA, Council, Councillors, residents or stakeholders to discuss our proposal.

Published 5th January 2020