Feedback on draft Cremorne UDF

We support the vision, objectives and most actions of the draft Cremorne Urban Design Framework. Unfortunately, the content of Theme 3 ‘connected and accessible Cremorne’ doesn’t adequately deliver against the stated objectives. We recommend that council re- draft that section, to deliver outcomes that are better aligned with the Cremorne Place Implementation Plan, Yarra’s Community Vision, Yarra’s Transport Strategy, and the objectives of the Cremorne Urban Design Framework. For example, instead of the ‘Streets Implementation Plan’ or the ‘Alternative Streets Implementation Plan’ we suggest:

  • Decreasing traffic congestion by adding modal filters to the two railway underpasses (at Balmain Street and Dunn Street) and the entrance to CityLink (at the southern end of Cremorne Street)
  • Creating two new public plazas (or 10 km/h shared zones), one outside the Cherry Tree Hotel, and one between the ERA and Malt District apartments
  • Re-building and widening all footpaths (and crossovers) in Cremorne to deliver a minimum 2 metre width, increasing to 3 metres on Cremorne Street and Balmain Street
Streets Alive Yarra proposal to reduce traffic volumes on many streets, enabling space to be reallocated to public plazas. Blue arrows indicate access by walking or biking, red arrows indicate access by motor vehicle. Not every access point is shown.

Download our full submission:

Feedback on draft Cremorne UDF. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra.

Published 7th December 2022.