Intersection complete at Canning and Richardson

Guest article from local champion, Marcus Coghlan.

After approximately two months of work the newly styled and safer intersection is in place at Canning and Richardson Streets. Funded by Blackspot Funding a roundabout has replaced the ineffective, double stop signs. It’s a successful design implemented years ago at the intersection of Canning and Pigdon. The shape of the roundabout is intended to slow drivers and improve safety of people walking and cycling. An enhancement provided in this latest implementation is at grade, pedestrian crossings on Richardson Street. These crossings enhance Canning Street as an identified, priority walking street for Yarra.

The Canning/Richardson and Canning/Pigdon intersections were identified by Council as the two most dangerous in Yarra for people riding bicycles. Time will tell if the new intersection design is effective in improving safety.

Completed intersection. Image credit: Marcus Coghlan.
Close up of crossing. Image credit: Marcus Coghlan.

Published 1st May 2021.