The ‘M9’ are a group of Melbourne inner city councils:

Image credit: m9.org.au.
Location of M9 councils. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra.

M9 objectives are to:

Image credit: M9.

M9 have identified six strategic priorities, including active transport:

Image credit: M9.

Priorities for active transport include funding and delivery of Strategic Cycling Corridors:

Our view

Streets Alive Yarra welcomes the formation of the M9 group of councils, and hopes they can successfully collaborate to advocate to the state government for investments that deliver community benefit, such as safe, convenient and enjoyable networks for walking, biking and public transport.

Even better would be for the M9 group of councils to consider actions such as:

  • Reduce service costs by collaborating to jointly source services; such as rubbish collection or digital payments for on-street parking.
  • Reduce staff training costs by aligning on a common set of information technology (IT) systems and solutions.
  • Reduce reform costs by collaborating to jointly commission research to justify fundamental amendments to planning schemes; such as eliminating parking minimums or replacing them with parking maximums.
  • Reduce barriers to reform by introducing significant reforms at the same time, such as changes to the pricing of on-street parking.

Published 10th May 2022