Parking in Auckland

Auckland Transport have released a discussion paper to promote a discussion with Aucklanders about parking. What is interesting is that most of the content also applies to the City of Yarra.

Discussion paper. Image credit: Auckland Transport.


The discussion paper points out that streets are valuable public space, and they have a big impact on how attractive and enjoyable each local neighbourhood is.

Vision for parking in Auckland. Image credit: Auckland Transport.


The discussion paper points out that we need to manage parking in a way that encourages travel by sustainable and efficient modes such as public transport and cycling.

Guiding principles part 1. Image credit: Auckland Transport.
Guiding principles continued. Image credit: Auckland Transport.

Key point

The most significant point in the document is that parking on the Strategic Transport Network will be automatically removed:

Vehicle parking is the lowest priority use of kerbside space on the Strategic Transport Network and will automatically be removed to provide space for projects that increase the movement of people and goods.

Parking in Auckland

Projects to improve travel capacity or efficiency on the identified Strategic Transport Network will continue to seek public feedback, but not on the parking removal element. Where required, parking will automatically be removed to enable delivery of these projects.

Parking in Auckland
Image credit: Auckland Transport.

Readiness for change

The discussion paper points out that areas with a high ‘readiness for change’, such as neighbourhoods close to public transport, will experience the largest changes. This applies to most of the City of Yarra, which is within the Principle Public Transport Network.

Some areas have a high ‘readiness for change’. Image credit: Auckland Transport.

What change could look like

The discussion paper shows several concepts of how streets could change, with parking replaced with bike lanes, transit lanes, wider footpaths, or a combination.

Concepts for how space could be reallocated. Image credit: Auckland Transport.

Our view

Streets Alive Yarra applauds Auckland Transport for developing and publishing this discussion paper. In our view, it represents best practice policy, and should be adopted. We’d like to see similar policy adopted by the state government (regarding arterials) and the City of Yarra (for local streets).

Published 30th November 2021.