Streets for people in Melbourne

The City of Melbourne has announced that the city’s Little Streets will become more pedestrian friendly to allow for social distancing and encourage a return to the CBD when COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease.

Image credit: City of Melbourne

​Speed limits will be reduced from 40 to 20 kilometres per hour in the following streets:

  • Flinders Lane
  • Little Collins Street
  • Little Bourke Street
  • Little Lonsdale Street

Our view

We applaud the City of Melbourne – this is a great initiative that is supported by the evidence.

If we want people to cycling to share the road with people driving, then we need to slow the street to 30 km/h – if we want to do the same for people walking, we need to slow to 20 km/h.

It will provide more space for shoppers to maintain physical distancing, while still allowing people to access the street by car.

Published on 30th August 2020.