Welcome new supporter – Phil Latz

Streets Alive Yarra is building an online record of broad community support for walking, cycling, public transport and place making. One way that we do this is to have experts offer a testimonial of support. Please welcome our newest supporter, Phil Latz from the Micromobility Report.

Image credit: Micromobility Report.

I was so impressed when I first discovered the Streets Alive Yarra website. Everything from its clean layout to the depth and quality of its content would lead you to believe that this is a full time, professional endeavour. But to then learn that it’s the product of a small group of volunteers headed by Founder & President Jeremy Lawrence is even more inspiring. Micromobility Report’s tag line is ‘Go Further With Less’. Our mission is to help make Australia a better place to ride and live, for our children and grandchildren. We certainly can’t achieve this on our own. We need everyone to play their part. Streets Alive Yarra is a shining example of what’s possible, despite limited resources. 

Phil Latz, Publisher of the Micromobility Report

Published 24th September 2021