LAPM 13 Abbotsford is a Local Area Place Making (LAPM) neighbourhood in Richmond. Council conducted a LAPM review in 2018 and adopted a plan to be delivered in 2019/20.

Suggestions for LAPM 13 Abbotsford. Image credit: City of Yarra.


Boundaries of LAPM 13 Abbotsford include:

  • Johnston Street,
  • Hoddle Street,
  • Victoria Street and the
  • Yarra River.

Schools and educational areas in LAPM 13 Abbotsford include:

  • Sophia Mundi Steiner School
  • Collingwood Children’s Farm
  • Abbotsford Convent


Consultation identified a number of issues:

Image credit: City of Yarra


O’Brien Traffic delivered their final report in November 2018:

LAPM 13 Report (16 MB). Image credit: O’Brien Traffic and City of Yarra.


Council adopted a plan to be delivered in 2019/20:

LAPM 13 Plan (2 MB). Image credit: City of Yarra.


Council approved a budget of $1.4m with $500k in 2019/20, $500k in 2020/21 and $430k in 2021/22.

Minutes from 18th December 2018. Image credit: City of Yarra.

Our view

Streets Alive Yarra applauds Council for adopting a LAPM plan with a significant budget of $1.4m, and even better would have been to:

  • Upgrade the whole area to one or more 30 km/h superblocks
  • Construct protected bicycle lanes on Victoria Street, Hoddle Street, Nicholson Street, Johnston Street, Gipps Street and Victoria Crescent
  • Convert free parking to either permit-only parking or metered parking
  • Remove parking from one side of narrow streets (such as Studley Street and Yarra Street), to ensure at least 3.5 metres of clear space for fire trucks to access homes

Streets in Abbotsford

The following pages consider the design of specific streets in Abbotsford:

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