LAPM 13 Abbotsford is a Local Area Place Making (LAPM) neighbourhood in Richmond. Council conducted a LAPM review in 2018 and adopted a plan to be delivered in 2019/20.

Suggestions for LAPM 13 Abbotsford. Image credit: City of Yarra.


Boundaries of LAPM 13 Abbotsford include:

  • Johnston Street,
  • Hoddle Street,
  • Victoria Street and the
  • Yarra River.

Schools and educational areas in LAPM 13 Abbotsford include:

  • Sophia Mundi Steiner School
  • Collingwood Children’s Farm
  • Abbotsford Convent


Consultation identified a number of issues:

Image credit: City of Yarra


O’Brien Traffic delivered their final report in November 2018:

LAPM 13 Report (16 MB). Image credit: O’Brien Traffic and City of Yarra.


Council adopted a plan to be delivered in 2019/20:

LAPM 13 Plan (2 MB). Image credit: City of Yarra.


Council approved a budget of $1.4m with $500k in 2019/20, $500k in 2020/21 and $430k in 2021/22.

Minutes from 18th December 2018. Image credit: City of Yarra.

Our view

Streets Alive Yarra applauds Council for adopting a LAPM plan with a significant budget of $1.4m, and even better would have been to:

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