How can we raise $10 million per year for our streets?

Charge commuters $10 per day to park in Yarra

Commuters like driving to Yarra because 3/4 of Yarra’s parking bays are offered for free.

3/4 of Yarra’s on-street parking bays are free. Data source: City of Yarra. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra.

This compares with off-street parking costing commuters up to $27 per day.

$27 per day for off-street parking in Yarra. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra.

Council could ask commuters to pay a fee to park each day in Yarra, e.g. matching the $10 for a daily Myki (public transport) fare. For example, if 1/3 of Yarra’s 47,000 bays were used by commuters for 250 days each year (5 business days per week for 50 weeks), then council would raise $36 million per year (1/3 x 47,000 x 250 x $10 = $39 million). Council can do this by selling digital permits via a smartphone app.

Charge residents & businesses $1 per day to park in Yarra

Yarra sells residential & business parking permits for 14 cents per day (or $50 per year). These are in high demand, with council issuing approximately 20,000 permits each year. If the price was increased to $1 per day then Yarra would raise an extra $6 million per year. This price would be comparable to the fee charged by the City of Vancouver for residential on-street parking permits in the high demand West End area. Note that such a change would not impact the households who receive a free parking permit, based on approved concessions.

Price for residential on-street parking permit in the West End of Vancouver. Image credit: City of Vancouver.

These ideas aren’t new

Increasing the price of parking to provide revenue for safe travel infrastructure isn’t a new idea. Here’s a local resident suggesting it in 2016:

Image credit: City of Yarra minutes 16th February 2016


Reforms to the pricing of on-street parking can raise an extra $42 million each year ($36 million + $6 million), enabling $10 million to be spent on infrastructure for walking and biking, with the remainder going to other services, capital expenditure, or cuts to rates.

How you can help

You can help by appearing on the Streets Alive Yarra website as a champion for your local street, neighbourhood, or school.

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