A beautiful, liveable and accessible city

Our vision is for a beautiful, liveable and accessible city; with more trees, wider footpaths and vibrant businesses in thriving neighbourhoods. We see our streets being used by people of all ages and abilities, irrespective of whether they walk, roll, cycle, use public transport or drive. Residents and shoppers should be able to move safely, comfortably, and conveniently around Yarra, and park near shops.

Image credit: OCULUS

In summary, our vision is to use good design to make our streets better:

About us

Streets Alive Yarra is a non-profit, volunteer, resident and ratepayer action group in the City of Yarra.

Alignment with experts

Our vision aligns with ‘Soft City‘ by David Sim of Gehl Architects, and ‘Transporting Melbourne‘ from the Committee for Melbourne:

Image credit: Island Press

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Let’s build a beautiful, liveable and accessible city