Jamieson Street is a residential street in North Fitzroy LAPM area #4, between Queens Parade and Edinburgh Gardens.

Location of Jamieson Street. Image credit: Apple Maps, Streets Alive Yarra.


Jamieson Street could be improved by street space reallocation and place making that better caters for the community’s needs. Currently, space on the street is roughly distributed as: 15% for people walking, 15% for people cycling, and 70% for people to drive and park. This does not represent the transport needs for people on this street, as the street does not carry a lot of vehicle traffic. Most travel on the street consists of people walking or cycling between Edinburgh Gardens and Queens Parade.

Jamieson Street looking north to Edinburg Gardens. Image credit: Google Maps.


Jamieson Street could look like this pedestrian street in Barcelona:

Pedestrian street in Barcelona. Image credit: Finn Higgins.

Other options could be to include the street within a 30 km/h superblock, widen the bicycle lanes, or build fully separated or protected bicycle lanes.

Local champion

Your local champion for Jamieson Street is Finn Higgins, Yarra resident. View all of Streets Alive Yarra’s champions on our supporters page.

I have lived in North and South Fitzroy for most of my life. As a student studying urban design and planning at the University of Melbourne, finding a community group that has such a positive and clear-cut set of ambitions for improving the urban environment in the City of Yarra, has been really pleasing. Walking and cycling, I utilise urban interventions championed by Streets Alive Yarra everyday, and am really looking forward to seeing how the group will further shape the City of Yarra in the future.

Finn Higgins