Yarra’s streets can be better for trees if we re-allocate space from on-street parking to placemaking and tree planting:

Image credit: Adelaide Design Manual


Trees offer many benefits, such as cooling the city, cleaning our air and increasing property values.

Making space for trees

Wider footpaths can host larger numbers of people walking as well as space for trees and seating.

Image credit: Adelaide Design Manual

Example – shopping street

Typical 20-metre wide tram-based shopping streets, such as Swan Street or Brunswick Street, can have 6.4m wide footpaths that offer space for walking, trees and cycling.

20-metre wide tram-based shopping street. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra and StreetMix.

Example – access street

Typical 15-metre wide access streets, such as Cremorne Street, can have trees on opposite the side to the overhead power lines, enabling trees to grow to their full height.

15-metre wide access street. Trees on one side and power poles on the other. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra and StreetMix.

Guidance from Strong Towns

Strong Towns has described the magic of tree lined streets:

Image credit: Strong Towns

Support from Council

The City of Yarra has adopted an Urban Forest Strategy, and has published guidelines on embedding green infrastructure. Streets Alive Yarra supports the vision, objectives and targets of the strategy; and even better would be a higher target based on a commitment to reallocate space away from on-street parking.

Image credit: City of Yarra
Image credit: City of Yarra

Support from Resilient Melbourne

Resilient Melbourne and The Nature Conservancy have published Living Melbourne: Our metropolitan urban forest strategy:

Image credit: Resilient Melbourne

Design guides

Learn more from this collection of design guides, including the Adelaide Design Manual Section 05 on Greening:

Image credit: Adelaide Design Manual