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The Yarra Bicycle Users Group radio show presents news and stories about cycling in Yarra and across Melbourne; listen in on 3CR on Mondays at 10 am, or as a podcast.

3CR community radio. Image credit: 3CR.
Bikers featured on mural on the wall of 3CR’s studio in Collingwood. Image credit: Tom Civil.

The presenters are Chris, Faith, Val and Steve.


Selected episodes

YarraBUG radio show is a great opportunity to hear from local residents who are also champions for Streets Alive Yarra:

Lisa Byrne

Champion for Brunswick Street North

Lisa talks about local advocacy she’s been involved with, traffic avoiding arterial roads then putting pressure on inner city residential roads, increasing traffic volumes, traffic studies, tackling similar issues across Yarra, Piedimontes redevelopment, broader issues of traffic management beyond Yarra Councils remit, lack of mode choice due to increasing reliance upon car use and creating Fitzroy North Traffic Action Group (facebook) fitzntag (twitter).

Ali Wirtz

Champion for West Clifton Hill

Ali discusses local advocacy she’s been involved with, improving pedestrian crossings in Gold Street, observing changes to North Terrace, Wellington Street, Pop up bike lanes, Heidelberg Road Link trial lanes, improvements to participation with more shared spaces, lower speed limits and additional cycling infrastructure.

Rick Di Paola

Champion for Gwynne Street

Rick discusses Cremorne issues with curtailing truck movements, traffic planning, making the area safer for residents, walkers and cyclists. Rick is critical of City of Yarra not following their own obligations as a road manager or planning scheme advice for residential zones and need for a traffic management strategy to conform to councils own policies to clearly articulate what is required. Topics include previous Local Area Place Making (LAPM), new Road Safety Studies, other council strategies for truck movements, especially Maribyrnong Council, Austroads and VicRoads guidance

Elizabeth Honey

Champion for Gleadell Street

Chris talks to Australian children’s author and illustrator Elizabeth Honey about her love of bicycles, Amsterdam, her book selections, LEGS Lets Enhance Gleadell Street and Gleadell Street Market, Richmond.

Jeremy Lawrence

Champion for Swan Street

Jeremy Lawrence from Streets Alive Yarra discusses local Yarra issues, street trees, community support, social justice and equality, reviewing active transport in Yarra, Heidelberg Road separated lanes, changes to Napier Street, changes to state government mode share, reallocation of space with parklets, pocket parks, step change with Rose Street market and more funding needed for the future, in light of councils losing rating due to covid19, different streams of funding from state government, new NSW design guidelines and Yarra Councils upcoming transport action plan.

David Balding and Karen Hovenga

Champion for parking reform (David), and local resident (Karen)

Chris interviews Karen Hovenga and David Balding about their cycling observations of Melbournes inner east & north, including changing infrastructure (Gipps Street), off road trails (Capital City Trail), separated cycling lanes (Elizabeth Street trial), Park Street contraflow, Heidelberg Road trial, Brunswick Street getting started, planning routes, e-bikes, getting more bicycle parking, City of Melbournes separated lanes and barriers including bluestone surfaces, inconsistent speed limits, lack of east to west routes.

Alice Prior

From Parents’ Voice

Chris speaks to Alice Prior from Parents’ Voice about their recent poll that found 94 per cent of Australian parents support greater government investment in infrastructure so parents and children can safely walk, cycle and scoot to school. We chat about the things anyone can do to improve moving about their suburb and future changes needed for happier, healthy communities.

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YarraBUG radio show. Image credit: YarraBUG.

How you can help

You can help by appearing on the Streets Alive Yarra website as a champion for your local street, neighbourhood, or school.

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