This infrastructure creates freedom.

Melissa & Chris Bruntlett
Source: Facebook.

Many people can’t drive, including:

  • people who are too young to drive, e.g. under the age of 17
  • people who are too old to drive, e.g. over the age of 85
  • people who don’t have a driver’s license, e.g. 15% of adults
  • people who are unable to drive, e.g. with vision impairment
  • people who are injured, e.g. with a moon-boot
  • people who can’t afford to drive, e.g. young people attempting to save for a home
  • people who can’t access a car, e.g. a young adult in a family where the car is used each day by others
  • people who find driving and parking to be too difficult or stressful

For many of these people, safe infrastructure for biking offers freedom – the ability to get to school, work, friends’ or shops, on their own terms, quickly and easily, and for low cost.

Read stories about adults who don’t drive. Image credit: ABC.