Let’s build a beautiful, liveable and accessible city.

Streets Alive Yarra is a resident & ratepayer action group with a vision for thriving neighbourhoods where streets are used by people of all ages, irrespective of whether they choose to walk, cycle, use public transport or drive.

Image credit: Troy Parsons

Independent mobility for children.

With calmed 30 km/h streets in each neighbourhood leading to a network of protected bicycle lanes that cross Yarra, our children will be able to safely walk or ride to school, sport or their friends houses.

Image credit: CC0 Public Domain/Pixabay

Seniors can age in their own home.

With a network of smooth, wide, level footpaths, seats to rest, and trees for shade; seniors will be able to safely access shops and services close to their home.

Image credit: Heart Foundation

Traders receive regular, repeat patronage.

With 20-minute neighbourhoods based around 30 km/h superblocks, residents will find it easy to visit local shopping streets.

Some of our supporters.

Herschel Landes

Bridge Road Traders Association

Alyson Macdonald

Yarra resident

Alyson is the champion for Cremorne.

Rick Di Paola

Yarra resident

Rick is the champion for Gwynne Street.

Elizabeth Honey

Yarra resident

Elizabeth is the champion for Gleadell Street.

Michael Bond

Yarra resident

Michael is the champion for Coppin Street.

Cathy Austin

Yarra resident

Cathy is the champion for Charles Street.

Troy Parsons

Yarra resident

Troy is champion for Abbotsford.



Denali is the champion for Collingwood College.

Marcus Coghlan

Yarra resident

Marcus is the champion for North Carlton.

John Handley

Yarra resident

John is the champion for Brunswick Street.



Saskia is the champion for Richmond Primary School.

Steve Nurse

Yarra resident

Steve is the champion for East Clifton Hill.

Astrid Herber

Yarra resident

Astrid is the champion for car sharing.

Anna Ridgeway

Yarra resident

Anna (and the Abbotsford Riverbankers) are the champions for the Main Yarra Trail.

Sally Welbourn

Yarra resident

Sally is the champion for  for Barkly.

Join us – every resident and ratepayer can make a difference.