Let’s improve where we live

Our residential streets can be much better, with more trees, lower speeds and space to relax, meet and socialise.

Livable Streets

Donald Appeyard’s seminal ‘Livable Streets‘ research in the 1960’s and 1970’s showed that social interaction improves when traffic flow is reduced.


We need to filter and calm residential streets within 30 km/h superblocks, and then gradually invest in greening and place making. The image below shows a proposal for Oxford Street in Collingwood, from the community group Our Streets are not Garages:

Image credit: Our Streets are not Garages

Guidance from the UK

The following image shows a ‘filtered street’ part of a new ‘filtered neighbourhood’ in the City of Manchester, UK.

Source: Sustrans

Design proposals

The following links present suggestions and designs for residential streets:

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