The Merri Creek Trail was first planned in the early 1980s with construction mostly completed by 1985. Since then numerous improvements have taken place over its length from Mahoneys Road in Campbellfield to the Yarra River confluence at Abbotsford.

Merri Creek Trail. Image credit: Google Maps.

At its upstream end, the Merri Creek Trail joins the Ring Road Trail that can take users in either direction to the Moonee Ponds or Darebin Creek Trails (or beyond). The Ring Road Trail also offers a link to the trail along the Craigieburn Bypass to Craigieburn. At the downstream end, the Merri Creek Trail links to the Main Yarra Trail via connection at either the confluence footbridge or slightly upstream at the Roseneath Street footbridge.

Merri Creek Trail between Rushall Station and Queens Parade, North Fitzroy. Image credit: David Taylor.

Proposal for an improved trail

David Taylor (co-founder, Friends of Merri Creek) and Ray O’Halloran (inaugural President, Merri Creek Management Committee) have prepared a proposal to improve the trail between Sumner Park, Brunswick and Heidelberg Road, Clifton Hill.

The proposal argues that the Lower Merri Creek Trail should be upgraded to especially address social distancing restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sections of the Lower Merri Creek Trail are only 1.4 metres wide making social distancing impossible. The proposal makes a case for two new bridges over Merri Creek, as well as elevated boardwalk sections to safely convey users and avoid flooding.  

While this is an ambitious proposal, the authors have told Streets Alive Yarra that these works are long overdue and are appropriate to cater for today’s circumstances and indeed for the next 100 years. They argue that the time has come for this proposal and that its construction makes abundant sense where public works are required to kick-start a depressed economy post COVID-19. 

The proposal also seeks to improve the Capital City Trail by using the Koonda Lat bridge between North Fitzroy and Northcote to formally join the two trails and avoid taking Capital City Trail users through the Rushall Station underpass to connect to the Merri Creek Trail. The proposal will require coordination and cooperation between Darebin, Moreland and Yarra Councils with the majority of works located in Darebin.

Source: David Taylor

Further information

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Local champion

Your local champion for the Merri Creek Trail is David Taylor – co-founder of Friends of Merri Creek. View all of Streets Alive Yarra’s champions on our testimonials page.