Streets Alive Yarra is a non-profit, volunteer, resident and ratepayer action group with a vision for more trees, wider footpaths and vibrant businesses in thriving neighbourhoods. We see our streets being used by people from 8 to 80 years old, irrespective of whether they choose to walk, cycle, use public transport or drive. Residents and shoppers are able to move safely, comfortably, and conveniently around Yarra; and can easily find a park near shops.

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Streets Alive Yarra is supported by the over 2,000 people who have liked us on Facebook, as well as the growing list of people who have contributed a testimonial of support or are champions for their local street. In addition, Council surveys have repeatedly measured strong community support for safer streets and active transport.

Founder & Director

Streets Alive Yarra Founder & Director is Jeremy Lawrence, a long term resident, member of the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management and the Australian College of Road Safety.

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