Gold Street is a local street in Collingwood, or the neighbourhood designated as Gold LAPM 10.

Location of Gold Street. Image credit: Apple Maps, Streets Alive Yarra.

Petition asking for more trees

On 3rd June 2014 residents submitted a petition asking for more trees on Gold Street:

Image credit: City of Yarra minutes 3rd June 2014

Proposal for parklet at Goldy’s Tavern

Goldy’s Tavern is located at the corner of Gold Street and Hotham Street, and here’s a proposal from the business owner, Rebecca Feingold:

I have a business called TOASTA, which consisted of a food truck and cafe in West Melbourne. At the start of COVID, we shut the cafe and put the truck in storage. At the start of May 2020, we moved into the beautiful old Leinster Arms Hotel in Gold Street, Collingwood and activated a TOASTA pop up shop in the atrium, serving beautiful coffee, toasties, pastries, and other yummy food and drinks (photos attached). This cafe has been greatly received by the Collingwood locals, and has become a beautiful way for the community to stay connected during this period.

Our intention is to set up a separate business in the pub itself, called Goldy’s Tavern, which we plan to open at the start of November. Since TOASTA has been such a positive contribution to the community so far, we would like to propose transforming the carpark space out the front of the venue’s atrium on Hotham Street into a parklet with our TOASTA food truck, along with some tables and chairs. The locals we have discussed this idea with are in full support of the idea and think it will be a huge contribution! These parking bays are predominantly for customers for the pub, and would serve community much better if they were to be transformed into a parklet during COVID times.

Location for proposed parklet and food truck. Image credit: Rebecca Feingold.
TOASTA food truck. Image credit: Rebecca Feingold.
Looking into the atrium. Image credit: Rebecca Feingold.
Inside the atrium. Image credit: Rebecca Feingold.

Update – November 2020

Good news – support from the City of Yarra and the state government has resulted in a parklet with outdoor dining.

A huge thank you to City of Yarra for supporting the activation of a parklet outside Goldy’s Tavern – this is a huge step to helping us get through these times.

Rebecca Feingold
Parklet at Goldy’s tavern. Image credit: City of Yarra.

Local champion

Your local champion for Gold Street is Rebecca Feingold, Yarra resident and business owner.  View all of Streets Alive Yarra’s champions on our supporters page.

Streets Alive Yarra is a fantastic initiative! As a resident and business owner, it has offered me huge peace of mind having an organisation that supports and backs us, and truly has the best interest of the community. I truly believe this initiative will play an integral role in helping the area grow and adapt for the better.

Rebecca Feingold