VicRoads states that a bike lane is able to carry three times as many people as a traffic lane:


Infrastructure Victoria

Infrastructure Victoria states that cycling infrastructure can carry more than double the number of people that a car lane:

Source: Infrastructure Victoria, Five-Year Focus, Immediate actions to tackle congestion, April 2018

City of Melbourne

The Transport Discussion Paper commissioned by the City of Melbourne shows that the space required per person varies significantly between different types of transport:

Source: City of Melbourne Transport Discussion Paper

National Association of City Transportation Officials (USA)

NACTO states that bicycle lanes carry roughly five times more people than a vehicle lane:

Source: NACTO

London (UK)

Data from London shows that protected bicycle carry five times as many people as a vehicle lane:


Best practice protected bicycle lanes transport more people than a traffic lane, so re-allocating street space to a bicycle lane will reduce peak hour congestion on the remaining lane, making our streets better for drivers.

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