Gold is part of Collingwood, and is designated as Council’s Local Area Place Making (LAPM) precinct #10, bounded by Alexandra Parade, Hoddle Street, Johnston Street, and Smith Street.

Image credit: City of Yarra, Google Maps.


Gold is a residential neighbourhood, with declared arterials on three boundaries (north, south and east). To the west, Smith Street is the local shopping street, and is not a declared arterial.

Image credit: VicRoads

Within the neighbourhood, north-south movement can occur on Wellington Street, which is calmed to 30 km/h and has protected bicycle lanes. 

30 km/h zone

Gold is within the 30 km/h zone trialled by the City of Yarra.

30 km/h trial zone and control zone. Image credit: City of Yarra.

Previous review

Gold was last assessed in 2015. Back then they were called called “Local Area Traffic Management” not “Local Area Place Making”. LAPM reviews are a once in a decade opportunity to persuade Council to invest decent money in infrastructure such as better footpaths, bicycle paths, more trees, pocket parks or street closures.

LATM plan from 2015. Image credit: City of Yarra.

Local champion

Your local champion for Gold LAPM 10 (Collingwood) is Gabrielle de Vietri. View all of Streets Alive Yarra’s champions on our supporters page.

Gabrielle has lived and worked in Collingwood for 13 years and been a City of Yarra resident for 15 years. Her fondest and earliest memories of Yarra are of being dinked around the streets of Fitzroy. She eventually got her own bike and has only ever looked back when overtaking. She is a solid supporter of active transport for its own sake, as well as to improve public health, respond to the climate emergency, and build stronger, happier, more resilient communities. As an artist, activist and parent, Gabrielle values ground-level participation in civic life, and the provision of public space for assembly, game-play, protest and urban nature. She brings her energy and creativity to the Streets Alive vision.

Gabrielle de Vietri