Local Government Climate Emergency Toolkit

Version 1.0 of the Local Government Climate Emergency Toolkit has been published:

The toolkit helpfully describes different roles in local government, including that of Councillors, the Chief Executive Officer, and Council employees:

Section C describes actions that local government can take on transport:

Best-practice actions on transport are described as committing 5% of the Council budget towards new pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. Applied to Yarra, which has a budget of $197 million per year, this translates to an annual budget of $9.85 million.

Best-practice actions also include 30 km/h on all local roads, and reallocation of road space to active and public transport, including separated cycling lanes and traffic calming.

Our view

We applaud the publication of the Local Government Climate Emergency Toolkit, and agree with its recommendation to commit 5% of the budget to infrastructure for walking and cycling. This is similar to the $10 million per year that Streets Alive Yarra has been asking for. We urge Yarra’s elected Councillors to review the document and to implement its recommended best-practice actions.

Published 15th November 2020