NSW moves away from parking minimums

The NSW state government is requesting feedback on its draft Guide to Transport Impact Assessment, which includes a move away from parking minimums.

Draft for industry consultation. Image credit: NSW Government.

Chapter 8 of the Guide discuss parking requirements.

Section on parking provision. Image credit: NSW Government.

Importantly, the Guide moves away from parking minimums, and instead offers reference rates.

Shift away from parking minimums. Image credit: NSW Government.

The Guide defines several categories, to reflect different levels of demand.

Categories show varying demand for parking. Image credit: NSW Government.

An accompanying online map shows where the categories are located. Category 1 and 1A regions are given lower reference parking rates, reflecting their higher use of walking, biking, and public transport.

Map showing location of categories. Image credit: NSW Government.

Our view

We welcome this proposed move away from mandatory parking minimums, and recommend that a far simpler regulatory solution is to eliminate parking minimums across the state. Under this scenario, off-street parking would continue to be provided by developers, in accordance with their understanding of local demand. There is no requirement for this proposed level of bureaucratic “red tape”.

Published 8th May 2024