Open Data at the City of Ipswich

Our last journal article looked at Open Data from the City of Yarra. In this article, we review Open Data from the City of Ipswich. Their first data went live on 1st July 2020.

Transparency is at the heart of good governance and decision-making, and the Open Ipswich Transparency and Integrity Hub shows our commitment to honest and open government going forward as we serve the people of Ipswich.

Acting CEO, City of Ipswich

Ipswich City Council acknowledges that appropriately anonymised Council data will stimulate innovation and enable economic outcomes and support evidenceā€based decision making.

Open Data Policy, City of Ipswich

Ipswich at

On, Ipswich publishes 69 datasets, compared with 17 from Yarra.

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Ipswich at

On, Ipswich publishes a wide range of data.

Our view

The City of Ipswich has adopted a best practice policy of commitment to open data, and has followed up by publishing a growing set of data. The City of Yarra can and should do the same. A good place to start would be to publish simple tables of data in the budget papers each year, showing results for the last year and projections for the upcoming year:

Data requested by Streets Alive Yarra. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra.

Published 8th August 2021