Outdoor dining on Swan Street

Ratio:consultants have developed a proposal for outdoor dining on Swan Street.

Outdoor dining on Swan Street. Image credit: ratio: consultants.

Ratio:consultants found that a precinct wide approach delivered more benefits that individual parklets outside a single eatery.

We’re excited at the potential for the transformation of our location high street shopping environments to better reflect local community needs, reduce car usage and encourage people to enjoy the culinary benefits of their local cafes, restaurants and bars.


Our view

We applaud the design from ratio:consultants, including the precinct wide approach. Businesses would clearly benefit from the extra space, and people cycling would no longer be exposed to the risk of dooring, in that section.

We’d like to see this approved and constructed within a month, using tactical urbanism principles, with funding from the state government.

Published 17th September 2020.