Safe System assessment of a shopping street

Safe System is a core part of Australia’s National Road Safety Strategy 2011–2020 and Victoria’s 2013-2022 Victorian Road Safety Strategy. 

In Victoria, all new major road projects must have a Safe System assessment. I conducted a Safe System assessment of a typical tram-based shopping street in Melbourne, comparing the existing conditions with various design treatments, including the ‘Melbourne Shopping Street’ reference design:

The assessment concluded that the ‘Melbourne Shopping Street’ reference design is design treatment best aligned with Safe System, and offers superior outcomes for the safety of people using the tram, walking or cycling.

Image credit: Streetmix and Streets Alive Yarra

The assessment recommends that the State Government fund the upgrade of Melbourne’s 20 metre wide tram-based shopping streets to align with Safe System and the ‘Melbourne Shopping Street’ reference design.

Originally published on 30th January 2019 as an article on LinkedIn.