Support for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

The UK’s leading walking and cycling organisations are backing plans to get more people walking and cycling, via a new report:

Image credit: WACA / Living Streets

The report gives 10 reasons to encourage walking and cycling in Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs): 

  1. People want Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) and cycle lanes, and opposition has been inflated
  2. LTNs and cycle lanes reduce congestion
  3. LTNs and cycle lanes are good for business
  4. LTNs and cycle lanes help disability access
  5. LTNs and cycle lanes can reduce response times for emergency services
  6. Pop-up LTNs and cycle lanes are part of a consultation process – and not necessarily permanent if they don’t work
  7. There is widespread public support for LTNs and cycle lanes
  8. LTNs reduce congestion rather than simply pushing traffic elsewhere
  9. If we build cycle lanes and LTNs, people will use them
  10. Active travel schemes are great value for money.

Our view

Streets Alive Yarra supports the report and the 10 reasons – we urge councillors in the City of Yarra to acknowledge the broad support in the community for safer streets for walking, cycling and public transport, and to continue with 30 km/h zones, traffic calming, and the reallocation of road space.

Published 15th November 2020