VicRoads offers words not budget

VicRoads have published a video encouraging us to walk or cycle to school:

Presumably, they realise the many people are avoiding public transport at the moment, owing to COVID-19. As schools reopen, if most people who previously used public transport change to driving, then we’ll experience severe traffic congestion.

A better response from the State Government and the Department of Transport would be to:

  • Approve Yarra’s 30 km/h zone
  • Encourage Yarra to establish more 30 km/h zones across the municipality
  • Approve Yarra’s proposals to calm and filter traffic within residential neighbourhoods, such as median barriers on the entry to Brunswick Street North
  • Offer Yarra recurring grants, or dollar-for-dollar funding for any investment in walking, cycling or place making
  • Build the VicRoads Principal Bicycle Network

View all the steps we think the State Government should take on our actions page.

Let’s build a beautiful, liveable and accessible city

Published 9th June 2020