Alexandra Parade is a major east-west route for drivers, acting as the extension of the Eastern Freeway:

Location of Alexandra Parade. Image credit: Apple Maps, highlight from Streets Alive Yarra.

Request for improved crossings

Dear Council,

We are writing to you as concerned residents of Fitzroy and Fitzroy North about the pedestrian and cyclist crossings on Alexandra Parade, particularly in front of the Fitzroy Swimming Pool and on Brunswick Street (pictured below). These crossings are vital components of our community’s infrastructure, serving thousands of pedestrians and cyclists daily, including many schoolchildren. However, current conditions at these locations pose significant safety risks and inconvenience, necessitating urgent attention and action.

Alexandra Parade crossings. Image credit: Apple Maps, highlight from Streets Alive Yarra.

To cross this road, you need to navigate two separate crossings. Often, the green light duration isn’t sufficient for a single attempt, necessitating a wait in the median between these two major roads. The lengthy wait times at these crossings not only inconvenience pedestrians and cyclists but also encourage risky behaviours, such as attempting to cross the whole road before signals change. This is a clear indication that the current prioritisation heavily favours vehicular traffic over the safety and convenience of people. Such conditions are not only dangerous but also discourage the use of sustainable modes of transportation like walking and cycling.

Waiting for the crossing on Alexandra Parade. Image credit: Sophie Wade.

Moreover, the current timing of pedestrian crossings does not adequately cater to community members. I, Hosu, personally experienced a fall while attempting to cross Alexandra Parade at Brunswick Street before the signal change, tripping as I hurried. As a fit 34-year-old woman, if I find it challenging to cross in time, I would imagine for it to be considerably more difficult for children, the elderly, and disabled residents. For these groups, waiting in the middle of large roads is not only a matter of inconvenience but also a health concern, as it exposes them to vehicle exhaust fumes for extended periods. It is imperative to reassess the timing to ensure inclusivity and safety for all pedestrians.

Lastly, the unsynchronised signals in front of Fitzroy Swimming Pool contribute to confusion and potential hazards, particularly for those unfamiliar with the area. Adjusting the timing of the lights to reflect the actual flow of traffic, especially during peak hours, and ensuring synchronisation could significantly improve safety without adversely affecting vehicular traffic.

In light of these concerns, we urge you to consider the following actions:

  • Reevaluate the design and timing of the crossings at Alexandra Parade, especially near the Fitzroy Swimming Pool and on Brunswick Street, to enhance safety and convenience for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Investigate the feasibility of synchronising traffic lights to accommodate the flow of traffic without compromising pedestrian and cyclist safety.
  • Ensure pedestrian crossing times are sufficient for all members of our community, including school children, the elderly, and disabled individuals.
  • Collaborate with VicRoads to obtain and review accident data involving pedestrians and cyclists on Alexandra Parade to inform necessary improvements.

We believe these measures will significantly enhance the safety, convenience, and overall quality of life for the residents and visitors of Fitzroy and Fitzroy North. We appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to your support and action in making our community a safer and more welcoming place for everyone.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kind regards,

Hosu Ryu, Peter Long, Zoran Vasic, Marc Gillespie & Miriama Young

Residents of Fitzroy & Fitzroy North

Councillor Sophie Wade meeting with Marc, Hosu and Peter. Image credit: Sophie Wade via Facebook.

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