Heidelberg Road is located at the northern tip of Yarra, with much of it forming a boundary with the City of Darebin.

Location of Heidelberg Road. Credit: Apple Maps, highlight from Streets Alive Yarra.

Heidelberg Road supports businesses and residences, and is also a transport corridor.

On Heidelberg Road, looking south west. Image credit: Google Maps.

Pop-up bicycle lanes

The state government Department of Transport has recognised Heidelberg Road as a Strategic Cycling Corridor, leading to the construction of a pop-up bicycle lane to decrease the level of traffic stress for people cycling.

The pop-up lanes connect to the existing bicycle lanes on Wellington Street and Albert Street, leading into the central business district.

Image credit: DoT and Streets Alive Yarra

Our view

Streets Alive Yarra applauds the state government for building the pop-up bicycle lane, and we hope that it can be made permanent.

Take action

Some people are protesting against the pop-up bicycle lanes, so a petition has been started to save them.

Image credit: change.org

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