Welcome new champion – Lauren Pearson

Streets Alive Yarra is building an online record of broad community support for walking, cycling, public transport, trees, and place making. One way that we do this is to have locals stand up as champions for their street or neighbourhood.

Please welcome our newest champion, Dr Lauren Pearson – our champion for Better for Women.

Dr Lauren Pearson, Research Fellow

Bike riding is the magic pill to be able to overcome some of the issues we face in the current health and climate crisis, but significantly less women are able to ride due to the additional barriers they experience. Streets Alive Yarra plays a key role in including and empowering women to drive the conversation about what they need to be able to ride a bike, crucial to enabling equitable bike riding. The initiative provides a critical platform to ensure that as we move to more sustainable and healthy modes of transport, women aren’t left behind.

Lauren Pearson

Published 18th April 2023