Welcome new champion – Marlou

Streets Alive Yarra is building an online record of broad community support for walking, cycling, public transport and place making. One way that we do this is to have local residents stand up as champions for their street, school or neighbourhood.

Please welcome our newest champion, Marlou – our local champion for Richmond High School.

I love riding my bike to school and often arrange to meet up with a cycle buddy along the way. I can get all over Richmond very quickly after school if I need to as well. I am concerned about cars double parking and using bike lanes as a waiting bay. I find this very unsafe because when the cars block the bike lane, it means I have to go around the cars. Also, drivers don’t see bikes very well and if they all of a sudden swerve into the bike lane, people riding bikes are in big danger and could get hit. It would be great if Yarra Council could do more to highlight the issue of cars blocking bike lanes to stop and wait for people – maybe advertising and on social media.


Published 13th November 2020