Noone Street is a residential street in Clifton Hill.

Image credit: Apple Maps, Streets Alive Yarra.

Proposal for parklet at Uncle Drew Cafe

Uncle Drew Cafe is located at the corner of Noone Street and Groom Street, and features some outdoor seating.

Image credit: Google Maps

Hannah Pastrana has prepared a proposal for a parklet on Noone Street, to greatly enhance outdoor seating.

Image credit: Hannah Pastrana

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Proposals for Noone Street

Traffic controls:

  1. Chicanes as used in other sections of Noone Street
  2. Left turn peak hour restrictions into Hoddle street
  3. Cycle lane along Alexandra Parade East
  4. Cycle lane along Noone Street
  5. Cycle lane along Groom Street
  6. A 30kmh speed zone in place along Noone Street.

Pedestrian crossings:

  1. New crossing at Noone Street / Grey Street intersection
  2. New crossing at Noone Street / Groom Street intersection
  3. Raised junction at Noone Street / Groom Street intersection

Community areas:

  1. Piazza / green area opposite cafe Noone Street / Groom Street intersection
  2. Play area on Grey Street reserve
  3. Public seating on Grey Street reserve
  4. Pétanque court on Grey Street reserve


  1. Planter boxes on Noone Street
  2. Trees to have footings planted
  3. Renew current plantings

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