Noone Street is a residential street in Clifton Hill.

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Proposal for parklet at Uncle Drew Cafe

Uncle Drew Cafe is located at the corner of Noone Street and Groom Street, and features some outdoor seating.

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Hannah Pastrana has prepared a proposal for a parklet on Noone Street, to greatly enhance outdoor seating.

Image credit: Hannah Pastrana

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Proposals for Noone Street

These proposals are from your local champion for Noone Street, Simon Peevers.

Traffic controls:

  1. Chicanes as used in other sections of Noone Street
  2. Left turn peak hour restrictions into Hoddle street
  3. Cycle lane along Alexandra Parade East
  4. Cycle lane along Noone Street
  5. Cycle lane along Groom Street
  6. A 30kmh speed zone in place along Noone Street.

Pedestrian crossings:

  1. New crossing at Noone Street / Grey Street intersection
  2. New crossing at Noone Street / Groom Street intersection
  3. Raised junction at Noone Street / Groom Street intersection

Community areas:

  1. Piazza / green area opposite cafe Noone Street / Groom Street intersection
  2. Play area on Grey Street reserve
  3. Public seating on Grey Street reserve
  4. Pétanque court on Grey Street reserve


  1. Planter boxes on Noone Street
  2. Trees to have footings planted
  3. Renew current plantings

Notes: To reflect the western end of Noone Street I would like to see a traffic chicane used at an effective point on the Eastern side of Noone Street to enhance traffic calming. To help reduce overall traffic on Noone Street I would like to see a No Left Hand turn in place at the junction of Noone and Hoddle Streets. Noone street can be used as a conduit to The Eastern freeway via Trenerry crescent. This could be a peak hours only restriction. I would like to see the current cycle path that runs parallel to Grey street (behind the Council Depot) extended to meet a new cycle route running along Alexandra Parade East. This would be the start point of a new route passing over Hoddle Street towards the new cycling facilities on Wellington Street. There are currently no safe crossing points on Noone Street, it would be great to see a strategic crossing around Groom Street / Uncle Drews corner. It would be great to see an emphasis on having an open communal area as demonstrated with the current space outside Uncle Drews – the Grey Street reserve is greatly underused and would be lovely to see some extra care and facilities for the local community here.

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Your local champion for Noone Street is Simon Peevers, Yarra resident. View all of Streets Alive Yarra’s champions on our supporters page.

Wow, it’s amazing to see the great changes on and around Noone Street recently, more street side greenery and outside dining area – what can we do next, well I would love to expand on them to make for a calmer and more accessible area for all residents in our lovely Noone Street area.

Simon Peevers