Park and Vere Streets are in Abbotsford, their intersection is the north-east corner of Gahan Reserve, a popular local park near Collingwood train station and Collingwood Town Hall. Gahan Reserve also hosts a Maternal and Child Health Service.

Intersection of Park and Vere Streets. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra.


The problem is that the intersection has seen an increase in traffic in all four directions after the Hoddle Street road works. More people are rat running to get onto Hoddle Street or Johnston Street from Gipps Street or Nicholson Street.

Image credit: Adam Breman

One solution could be to use a curved barrier system similar to Stafford and Valiant Streets in Abbotsford. Traffic would be able to flow in two directions only, instead of the present four directions. This would prevent rat running onto Hoddle Street. It would also allow commuters, pedestrians, children and dogs to cross safely when entering and exiting the park.

Image credit: Adam Breman

Another solution could be to use a pop-up park concept like the one used for the Jonas Street pop-up park trial. This would also prevent rat running onto Hoddle Street.

Image credit: Adam Breman

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