Stafford Street is a narrow east-west street in Abbotsford, just south of Johnston Street.

Location of Stafford Street. Image credit: Apple Maps, Streets Alive Yarra.

Footpath obstructions

The southern footpath is obstructed by people parking their cars on the footpath, in contravention of state road rules, and of Yarra’s Transport Strategy, which aims to deliver a clear unobstructed footpath width of 2 metres. When a footpath is obstructed or too narrow, it can’t be used by a person on a wheelchair, a person pushing a pram, or a person walking with crutches, which impedes people’s ability to get around or enter homes on that side of the street.

Multiple vehicles parked on the footpath. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra.

The council parking sign allows vehicles to be parked at certain hours, but not on the footpath.

This sign doesn’t allow parking on the footpath. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra.

What council can do

Council can clarify the rules for residents by publishing a policy for parking on narrow streets, similar to the City of Moonee Valley. As Stafford Street is approximately 6.4 metres wide (from gutter to gutter), parking would only be permitted on one side of the street. If demand for on-street parking is higher than supply, then council can manage demand by restricting eligibility for permits, or by increasing pricing.

Example of how to manage parking on narrow street. Image credit: City of Moonee Valley.

How you can help

You can help by appearing on the Streets Alive Yarra website as a champion for your local street, neighbourhood, or school.

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