Support for DoT bike lanes

This evening council will consider agenda item 9.1, a motion to express support for the pop-up bike lanes constructed by the state government Department of Transport (DoT) on Heidelberg Road, and to request that more protected bicycle lanes be built in Yarra.

Item 9.1 on the agenda for 24th June 2021. Image credit: City of Yarra.
Pop-up bike lanes on Heidelberg Road. Image credit:

Our view

Streets Alive Yarra supports the motion. It’s clear that there is broad community support in Yarra for the construction of infrastructure to improve safety and amenity for people cycling. The state government deserves to be congratulated for constructing the pop-up bike lanes on Heidelberg Road, and should be encouraged to build more. Ideally, the state government should deliver a complete cycling network, consisting of protected bicycle lanes on strategic cycling corridors (or even better, the entire VicRoads Principle Bicycle Network), that link 30 km/h superblocks. Finally, it’s great to see that the motion points out that safe cycling infrastructure is a win-win for people cycling and for people driving, because it reduces congestion.

Published 24th June 2021.