This page is written by Cremorne resident, Alan Rattray-Wood.

Cremorne Enterprise Precinct

Cremorne hosts an enterprise precinct, known as ‘Silicon Cremorne’, shown in purple in Yarra’s planning documents.

Cremorne employment precinct shown in purple. Image credit: City of Yarra.

Public transport to Silicon Cremorne would be significantly improved by reinstating Cremorne Station.

Proposed location of Cremorne Train Station. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra, Apple Maps.

History and justification

The proposed new/reinstated Cremorne Station originally opened in 1859 to facilitate direct public access for patrons going to the newly opened, nearby, Cremorne Pleasure Gardens (Amusement Park). The Park subsequently went bankrupt in 1863 with the Train Station closing and permanently demolished soon after. The line was extended to the current South Yarra station in 1860.

The idea to reinstate Cremorne Station is envisaged to counteract the current and future huge expansion of commercial office space and its associated thousands of commuting new employees to the precinct. Currently the closest station servicing this precinct is Richmond. This is considered too far removed and inconvenient from the identified Cremorne commercial / employment growth precinct, which is predominantly centred around the middle of Cremorne and running down to and along the Yarra River. This reinstated station will also support the numerous large new office developments along, on and behind Church Street. Cremorne station will be quicker and more direct for commuters coming from the north & west of Melbourne, as well as from suburbs south of the Yarra along the existing Sandringham, Frankston and Pakenham/ Cranbourne lines.

Decreasing traffic congestion in Cremorne

Cremorne is likely to add around 10,000 new workers by 2030. Pre-COVID, the narrow footpaths were congested the streets were gridlocked. These conditions are expected to occur again after COVID!

Council have now correctly altered the planning scheme in Cremorne’s commercial zone, from parking minimums to parking maximums; in recognition that adding more new parking bays only adds to the unsafe congestion on and around the local narrow streets and footpaths. This is particularly evident when the many nearby major sporting and entertainment event times clash with local worker knockoff times. A reinstated Cremorne Station is a critical solution to minimalising this congestion, with future work commuters more encouraged to travel by train. Accessible, quick, safe station availability is forefront to any commuter’s decision making travel options!

Land is available

The proposed station would ideally be constructed just to the south of Balmain Street’s existing train overpass and abutting Green Street – running parallel with the current track. I understand Vic Track currently own an adjoining building/substation and carpark to which the station could be constructed on/over. There may be opportunities to conjoin a station/office development, with the benefit of private equity ownership contributing to offset State Government base infrastructure costs.

Proposed location of Cremorne Train Station. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra, Apple Maps.

Local champion

Your local champion for Cremorne Train Station is Alan Rattray-Wood, Cremorne resident.

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