Why should we slow cars down to 30 km/h?

Because it greatly reduces the risk of death or serious injury in the case of a collision with a person walking or biking.

Because it opens up our local streets to walking (including crossing streets) and biking, without the cost of building a protected bike lane on each street.

Because it decreases noise, and encourages through traffic to stay on VicRoads arterials.

Will 30 km/h zones slow down my commute?

No, because they’ll enable many people to choose walking or biking for many short trips, which reduces the number of cars on the road, and therefore travel times.

Why do we need more bike lanes?

People should be able to access any property in Yarra by bike, which means we need a cohesive network of protected bike lanes, leading to calm streets in 30 km/h Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

Why do we need more modal filters?

Because they prevent drivers from using residential streets as rat runs.

Because they help decrease traffic volumes and traffic speeds, which improves safety and amenity for people living, walking or biking on the street.

If council removes parking bays, where will I park?

You can continue to park near your destination (home, shop, etc).

Council can better manage on-street parking so that occupancy is usually lower than 85%, i.e. there’s generally a few free bays on each street.

Why should visitors have to pay for parking?

Because if parking is free it gets occupied all day by commuters, preventing shoppers from finding a park near local businesses. Even a small parking fee helps encourage drivers to move on once they’re done, and free up the parking bay for the next shopper.

Aren’t bike lanes ableist?

No, because they deliver freedom for many people, including those with disabilities, who can’t drive.

People with disabilities who need to drive should also be supported by locating a disabled parking bay within 150 metres of every property, i.e. tripling the number of disabled parking bays to 1,000 across Yarra.

Why should I pay for bike lanes that I don’t use?

Because a humane society helps people to get where they need to go, in safety.

Because our kids deserve the ability to bike to school in safety.

Because every journey taken by bike keeps a car off the road, which reduces congestion for people who need to drive.

Why should trees be planted on the road instead of the footpath?

So footpaths can remain un-obstructed, and useable for people in wheelchairs.

Because locating a tree in between each parking bay delivers a beautiful street with a continuous canopy.

Shouldn’t the people that live on a street have the final say on what that street looks like?

No, everyone in Yarra should have a say, because streets are public land, and everyone needs to be able to use our streets, safely, to access properties.

When people have differing views, we use representative democracy to find a way forward. In Yarra, this takes the form of an elected council, who have authority over the design of our local streets.

How do I get something fixed on my street?

Send an email to council and councillors, using info@yarracity.vic.gov.au and crs@yarracity.vic.gov.au, and CC us using info@streets-alive-yarra.org.

Even better, contact us to get your idea published on our website, with you appearing as the champion for your local street.

Who is behind Streets Alive Yarra?

We’re a community group comprising residents and ratepayers. Members elect a 5-person committee, which elects the President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer.

Is Streets Alive Yarra aligned with any political party?

No, we support any political party (or independent) that supports walking, biking, public transport, trees, and place making.

We believe that these modes deliver freedom, which is a core value for many people (and political parties).

Is Streets Alive Yarra funded by council?

No, we haven’t received any funding from council.

How can I join?

Contact us by email.

Can I support you with a donation?

Yes, we’d appreciate that, check out these methods to donate.

How you can help

You can help by appearing on the Streets Alive Yarra website as a champion for your local street, neighbourhood, or school.

Let’s build a beautiful, liveable and accessible city