The Gipps Street ramp is a proposal to replace the notorious set of steps on the Main Yarra Trail at Gipps Street.

Location of Gipps Street steps and proposed ramp. Image credit: Apple Maps, Streets Alive Yarra.

Long standing campaign

Yarra Bicycle User Group have been campaigning for the steps to be replaced since at least 2005. Learn more on their website.

2005 campaign from Yarra BUG. Image credit: Yarra BUG.

In 2017, Parks Victoria announced a project to replace the steps with a ramp.

Parks Victoria video from 2017, explaining the problem and announcing the project.

Functional design

In 2020, Parks Victoria announced that they have developed a “functional design” of a ramp to replace the Gipps Street steps, and are now requesting tenders for engineering design services. Here are some images of the proposal – all image credits are Parks Victoria and Hansen Partnership. More images are available here.

Local champion

Your local champion for the Gipps Street Ramp is Yarra Bicycle User Group. View all of Streets Alive Yarra’s champions on our supporters page.