Congratulations to NACTO and iRAP for publishing a supplement to the Global Street Design Guide that includes iRAP star ratings for the before & after street designs. iRAP star ratings are simple for everyone to understand, and help people to demand 5-star streets from their elected representatives.

The supplementary guide publishes star ratings for both the “before” and “after” examples of different street types. The following examples are similar to streets in Yarra. Key elements of the redesigns include wider footpaths, protected bicycle lanes, bump outs for shorter crossing distances, more trees, and lower speeds.

Our view

This is a wonderful resource, helping everyone to understand that safe, 5-star rated streets are practical and achievable. We congratulate NACTO and iRAP for their collaboration, and urge local and state government to conduct iRAP star ratings of representative streets in Yarra, such as a residential street, a collector street, and a tram-based shopping street. If, as we expect, our streets are not 5-star, we urge local and state government to apply the NACTO design guide, and invest to bring all of our streets up to a 5-star rating.

Published 7th October 2020