New York City kerb management action plan

The New York City Department of Transport has released a Kerb (they spell it Curb) Management Action Plan:

Image credit: NYC DOT

The plan will reallocate kerb space to a variety of other uses, not just on-street parking for cars:

Reallocation of kerb space to other uses. Image credit: NYC DOT.

The plan will price on-street parking close to market rates, using demand responsive pricing:

Pricing on-street parking. Image credit: NYC DOT.

Like many other best practice plans for parking, these actions align with Streets Alive Yarra’s proposals for how to reform the allocation pricing of kerb space in Yarra. We applaud New York City for adopting their plan, and encourage the City of Yarra to follow their lead.

Suggestions for the parking strategy. Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra.

Published 17th September 2023