Parking problems

In this clip from public question time, Peter Razos, candidate for Lennox Ward, correctly describes problems with on-street parking in Yarra – people can’t find a vacant parking bay, either near their home, or near the business they are visiting.

This is a real problem, as many people do need to drive and park.

Unfortunately, his focus (bike lanes & trees reducing the amount of on-street parking) isn’t the problem or the solution. Yarra doesn’t have anywhere near enough space to offer everyone a free on-street parking bay near their destination. Demand for parking is much higher that supply, and the problem is getting worse as our population (both of residents and workers) increases.

The solution is to:

  1. enable many people to walk, bike or use public transport, by allocating space and budget to footpaths, crossings, trees, and bike lanes; and
  2. to use demand responsive parking charges, built around digital permits that are linked to a vehicle’s number plate.

These solutions are described in more detail at:

Published 17th March 2024