Publish the Workforce Plan

The Local Government Act requires each council to develop a Workforce Plan, as part of an Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework:

A Workforce Plan is part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. Image credit: State Government.

What is a Workforce Plan?

Workforce Planning is โ€˜the systematic identification, analysis and planning of organisational needs in terms of people’

LGPro Workforce Planning Training Handbook
Image credit: LGPro.

Why is a Workforce Plan important?

A Workforce Plan is important because in Yarra, employee costs account for half of the annual budget.

Image credit: City of Yarra, highlight from Streets Alive Yarra.

Workforce planning is important because we live and work in an environment of uncertainty and constant change and in a global knowledge economy that is highly connected and interrelated. We need to gain greater understanding of our workforce and engage them in the identification of opportunities which are beneficial to them and to our service responsibilities. Workforce planning enables the identification of current, transitional and future workforce demand and supply and, in doing so, makes explicit the human resource requirements of a workforce at Council and at sector level.

LGPro Workforce Planning Training Handbook

Other councils publish their Workforce Plans

Other councils, or Local Government Authorities, publish their Workforce Plans, which supports public transparency and open government. We call on Yarra to do so as well.

Published 16th February 2023