Results of engagement on community vision

Council has released a report presenting some results from engagement on the community vision:

Image credit: City of Yarra

The results align with previous community engagements, showing strong support for more trees, infrastructure for active transport, and open space:

Majority support for reallocating space to trees and away from on-street parking. Image credit: Engagement Report.
Majority support for reallocating space to active transport. Image credit: Engagement Report.

“Sustainable and active transport” was the third highest response to a question on “the one thing that can make Yarra the best it can be”, with support evenly spread across age groups.

Active transport ranks #3 as “the one thing”. Image credit: Engagement Report.
Active transport has broad support across all age groups. Image credit: Engagement Report.

Our view

Streets Alive Yarra thanks council for making some results available, enabling us to see that there is indeed broad community support for more trees and infrastructure for active transport. The next step is for council to reform how it allocates space on our streets (i.e. more space for trees, walking and cycling), and how it allocates budget (we need $10m per year to invest in trees, wider footpaths, safer crossings, and a network of protected bicycle lanes).

Published 26th April 2021